SineRider, Seconds Minutes

sine_secondGlitch gets melted down and smoothed out into a downtempo glide on SineRider’s Seconds Minutes. The touches and textures of glitch are all here, the snaps and taps and rapid-fire trills, but they’re encased in well-chilled grooves and soundscapes that often become quite large and deliciously dense. That’s one of the many things I enjoy about Seconds Minutes; Devin Powers carefully floats in continuous layers of sound without ever overloading his pieces. They become almost symphonic in size, with so much going on in your ears all at once, and all quite harmoniously. “Metric Time” follows this path, carrying distorted string sounds and crystalline keys toward that greater mass, ramping up the intensity and emotional content as it goes. Another soul-stirrer is the almost pastoral “I Saw the Sound.” With a post-rock ballad feel and a strong emotive thread throughout, it comes away as thoughtful and pensive—and, like everything here, the kind of piece you instantly want to listen to and feel again. The straightforward uptempo pieces on the album are also a joy to dive into. I like the crunchy bass and sparkling mid-range notes of “Finch.” Powers hits tempo shifts with ease, coming out of velocity to cruise for a minute before guiding it back up. “Winter Months” manages to have a sort of jaunty feel to it, catchy as hell, while still being pillow-soft. (And I am sure this is fully unintentional, by my ears pick up a hint of the ’80s song “Heaven” by Eurogliders in the four-note phrase that rolls through it. Just my old ears, I know…)
Seconds Minutes is one of those releases that caught my ear’s attention over and over in the months it’s been sitting in my review queue waiting its turn. I’d have it on shuffle, and so many times I’d get pulled into some sort of smooth groove or glitch-flecked ride, and the name on the display was SineRider. This is a great hour’s worth of well-made music, a real pleasure to stream into your everyday music flow. Check this one out soon.
Available from Sun Sea Sky.

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