Not all submissions will be reviewed. Submissions will be reviewed at the discretion of the Hypnagogue staff. In other words, me.

You may still send work for review, but you do so with the understanding that I may or may not download it, may or may not open it, may or may not listen to it, and may or may not review it. I am not responsible for returning items sent by post. I am under no obligation to listen to or write about your music, nor to include it in the Hypnagogue Podcast. I can tell you that I will try to listen to, write about, and play as much as I can. The choice to send music to Hypnagogue is entirely yours, and you do so knowing that nothing may come of it. I also respectfully request that if you send something, you do not send endless followup emails asking if I’ve listened or when I will be posting a review.


RULE 1, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER SENT ANYTHING TO ME BEFORE: Read some reviews. Actually, read a bunch of them. Listen to an episode of the podcast. Your music may not fit into the categories of music I cover. You may not like my style of reviewing. This may not be a good idea for you. Do your homework before you waste my time and, even more importantly, yours.

-Speaking of things I don’t cover: This site primarily reviews instrumental music. Not music with lyrics. If your work is lyric/vocal-focused, it’s not getting reviewed here. Rule of thumb: If there’s more than one vocal track per five or six instrumental tracks, you’re in the wrong place.

-In the time between submission and review, your work may appear in an episode of the podcast. Please note that “may” and “will” are not the same word, nor do they mean the same thing.

-The podcast is produced under a Creative Commons license. By sending me work for review, you are giving your approval for the work to potentially appear in an episode of the podcast, with no compensation due on either end of the equation. I don’t make anything off this; you, on the other hand, might get a sale out of it.

-I DO NOT/WILL NOT listen to or stream things at your Soundcloud or Bandcamp or Mixcloud or whatever other website comes along. I will download from them, if available. I need to be able to put your music into my device(s) to take with me. I need your sound files on my system if you expect me to play your music on my podcast.

-For file transfers, send mp3’s ONLY. I cannot play your FLAC files or WAVs or other fabulous formats. I’m not an audiophile, I’m the average guy who listens to music he’s burned onto the computer and into his phone. If you have an issue with that, drop me a note and we’ll discuss it. My stance won’t change, but we can discuss it.

-ALSO: NO vinyl. NO cassettes. Sorry to be un-hip, but I do not have the means to play them.

-Your WeTransfer link is going to expire long before I get to it. Find another way to send it. The average waiting time for me to get around to downloading is measured in months. It’s just the way it is. I delete emails from WeTransfer without opening them.

-NO, NO, NO (did I mention “no”?), I will not follow a link you post to my Facebook wall or in my Facebook messages or on my Twitter feed. At least put in the effort to make the initial contact meaningful and professional-seeming. Send me an email, at least. You cannot imagine the joy I feel when I blissfully ignore people who throw things onto my wall. I swear, it’s magical.

-If you run a label, please note: If you send me more than one disc or one download link at a time or a short time apart, some of them are going to wait even longer than usual. There’s a lot of music out there. Here’s your best bet: don’t send me a bunch of stuff.

-Please do not send me work more than a year old. Don’t have anything less than a year old? Lots of other review sites out there. Let’s look at this as me encouraging you to make new music, okay?

Here is the thing to keep front-of-mind: This is not my job. This is the thing I do in my spare time. I don’t have a lot of spare time between the real job, paying freelance work, the kids, and life in general. Luckily for you, there are a lot of people out there on the internet who review music in their spare time. If any of the things I’ve said above bothers or offends you or puts you off, please opt instead to seek out some of my erstwhile reviewing peers. See the “Links” tab at the top of the page? You’ll find several of them there.

Now, here’s how to reach me:
By mail:
John Shanahan / Hypnagogue
318 Franklin St.
Whitman, MA 02382

By e-mail: