Hypnagogue Reviews are just one listener’s opinion. One. Whether it matters is up to you.

This one listener comes to the music with no presumption of a technical understanding of how it is made. This one listener does not claim to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the genre. This one listener puts on the music, listens to it many times, and when he is ready, he writes about it—from the standpoint of one average listener.

This listener just happens to have a way with words. He’s been writing for a very long time.

The Hypnagogue is John Shanahan, a writer and long-time ambient/electronic music lover who lives a bit south of Boston, Massachusetts.

The artists review the reviewer…

“If any of the major [magazines] were around today that used to cover this music you would be front and center in that world”—Steve Roach

“…rarely does the reviewer hit the nail on the head like you did.  You really got what I was aiming for with this project—hands down.”—Ken Elkinson

“Once again you’ve understood very well what I am trying to convey with my music and you’ve put that into words in a very evocative yet precise way.”—Pascal Savy

“It’s very gratifying to know that someone listened so closely and ‘got’ what you put so much effort into saying.”—Steve Brand

In terms of exposure for artists, Hypnagogue Reviews currently averages about 725 visitors and 1950 page views per month. (Measurement: 12/16-4/17)