Secoya, The World Is Yours

secoya_worldI remember when a friend introduced me to Eno’s Music for Airports. I was struck by how deliberate each note seemed, how unhurried and yet placed precisely where it needed to be. I had never experienced anything quite so purposely slow but still capable of holding–at times, of course–my attention. I hear that deliberateness again in The World is Yours by Secoya (George Robinson) and the effect, the mesmeric draw and the emotional effectiveness, are quite the same. The World is Yours is something of a sad album, or at least seems to spend much of its time on the verge of tears, and it brings the listener into that same space. It is beautiful and slow-moving, graceful and thoughtful. Ambient washes, warm low string tones, and vocal pads applied with a gentle hand greet the listener on the title track. It’s an intimate space, with the focus on the strings, and then Robinson opens it up with the introduction of another breathy, low element. It’s a simple but effective change in tone, the unfolding of wings you weren’t aware you had. The sensation of being visited by the spirit of Eno comes to me me most strongly first in “Saturated,” where crystalline tones float and peak over more vocal pads and a patient piano line. This is not to say it’s cribbing directly from Music for Airports; but its spatial elegance, its careful placement of notes, create that mental waypoint for me. It carries into the next track, “November Dusk,” with a beautifully melancholic piano lead. A very moving piece. For even deeper melancholy, head to “Nothing,” a light blend of pads and piano that takes ample pauses before speaking. There is some brightness here, mind you. “Towers” starts with glistening tones, and although there is a touch of thoughtful sadness to the piano, it retains an essence of hopefulness throughout.

The World is Yours is a very beautiful album, gentle and pensive, that will politely drill down into your emotional core to see what you’re hiding there. It Eno-esque patience and uncluttered nature lend weight to that. Each element’s voice is heard clearly, its place in the blend, distinct. A perfect end-of-day album when you’re feeling reflective, or any time you need to just quiet down and listen to something with a true touch of elegance.

Available at Bandcamp.

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