Chris Coco, How to Disappear Completely

coco_htdcAs relaxing and smooth as a well-made cocktail, the lightweight jazz and nuanced Caribbean flavors of Chris Coco’s How to Disappear Completely go down pretty easy. For me, however, some of this cocktail is a little overly sweet. So I like to take sips over time rather than throwing back the whole thing at once. The album opens with “Portmerion Tide Flow,” which wastes no time in massaging your temples with acoustic guitar, interesting electronic treatments, and silken vocals from Samantha Whates, whose voice I very much enjoy. (With one exception, noted below.) Later in the release, Coco funks up the joint with the simple but effective “Dreaming of Love.” This thing’s got more hooks than a fishing boat. From the unchanging vocal to the reverberated horn line—again, everything here is absolutely simply constructed—to the snappy percussion, this will bring you to your happy place. If you don’t have one, it will make you one. “It An Tells Ya” is a cool serving of classic chill/lounge flavors, a mid-tempo groove with plenty of bass and tiny textural elements, all set perfectly in place. It’s one of those songs you feel like you already know and don’t mind hearing over and over. The closing track, “Leave No Trace,” is incredibly lovely. It’s a slow, near-ambient piece with keys, strings, and guitar that bring in an acoustic base and give it a resonant, honest quality. I want to listen to this as the sun’s setting out over the water. It would be the perfect soundtrack. For all the tasty stuff, there are a couple of bits I don’t care for here. The endless dum dum dum vocals on “Sea of Green” get old fairly quickly. “Thee Internet” tries to work its way into a sort of Flora Purim semi-spoken space, but just feels forced. Take those out of the equation and put the rest into your dedicated chill-time playlist, and Chris Coco’s bright tones and flavors will absolutely lighten the mood. Fans of light, smooth jazz and lounge will want to give this a listen.

Available from Bandcamp.

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