Purl & Sinius, Oceans of Sound


Ready to get quiet? Ready to slip into a perfectly warm bath of sound and just sort of go away for an hour? Purl and Sinius (Ludvig Cimbrelius and Daljit Kundi) are here to help you do just that with their remarkable release, Oceans of Sound. The duo slip in and out of beats as they chart this course. and when a rhythm is layered in, it’s downplayed and scaled back almost to the point of subtlety. Check out the steady bass-drum heartbeat that empowers “Blue Water” and the laid-back drum break and other percussive elements under “Gate of Liberation.” Both show how Purl and Sinius infuse their ambient washes with potent downtempo vibes, and how they work to off-set the pure-drift pieces that form the other half of Oceans‘ sonic chemistry. “Gate of Liberation” further sweetens the pot with echoing, dream-like vocal samples and hints of sequencing that nudge the energy level upward just a touch. “Innercity Solitude” closes the album with strong lounge rhythms, dub vocal samples, and some techno-worthy beat drops. It’s super smooth, with what I have often referred to as an undeniable groove. The more ambient tracks on this album are very immersive, consistently warm and layered. “Endless Wonder” and “Cascade” follow one another to lay down a 20-minute stretch of meditative bliss. Both have a spacemusic pedigree to them, carving out vast vistas packed with the shine of starlight and the familiar rush of stellar wind. In “Cascade” I hear echoes of Giles Reaves’ work, with the same swells of emotion and beauty, the same excellent sense of dimension. “Not of this World” is, as you might expect, equally spacey, and leads into the big string pads of “In Perfect Safety.” This track will nudge you out of your mind-salved state as it grows, pulling massive trails of pure emotion in its wake. It has a somber undertone but still retains a glimmer of hopefulness.

Since day one, Oceans of Sound has been an album I keep on repeat once I start it playing. It’s a breath-slowing, brain-salving, soul-satisfying ride that expertly pairs off its understated grooves with true ambient voyages. It’s quite content to just ease into your space and let you pay attention to whatever catches your ear. One of the best releases I’ve received this year, and very much worth a listen.

Available at Bandcamp.

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