3AM Tone: DDL Singles Part 2

As I noted in a December 2012 review of 3AM Tone’s work, what I’m reviewing here isn’t a single outing per se; rather, it’s an aggregation of monthly releases that the artist has been turning out since October 2012. They don’t exist as a collected thing but are individual downloads on the artist’s site, and the plan currently extends through October 2013. I’ve been given a file with some past, present and future releases for review. (For future reference, this isn’t something I do often.) 3AM Tone continues to dole out ambient drifts in something of a by-the-numbers style. Airy washes drift and cross, high ends reaching upward, anchored with grumbly low ends. My problem with it is that I found myself wanting it to do more, to go deeper, to take a turn that makes me pay closer attention. And it doesn’t. The pieces on their own are fair enough, good low-volume backdrop pieces, but it doesn’t feel like the artist is striving to do something bigger or more intricate. The depth of detail that I prefer in my ambient listening doesn’t make enough of an appearance to hold my interest. I wanted to like these pieces more than I did. The artist’s site has links to YouTube videos of the songs; I suggest you check them out to see if the work is to your taste.

Available from 3AM Tone’s web site.

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