Silencio: Floods

silenc_floodsGuitar textures, gritty post-rock and floaty ambient mix on the remastered re-release of Silencio’s very limited-edition (40 copies) 2010 CD, Floods. Julien Demoulin heads up a quartet that shift gears easily from the folksy, synth-augmented “Arale” to the raw garage-rock edge that graces the middle of “No Memories, No Ghosts” to the broad, experimental space of “Embarcadero” without a mis-step. “Again Again” is a favorite track for its use of a minimalist structure, slow pace and a repetitive bass line, all melting into a quietly hypnotic stretch. “The Lost Resort” is a melancholic post-rock piece, with slow-played chords glimmering in reverb over a lazily moving bass and guitar sighs. There’s a nice hesitancy to it, the space between notes played out to just the right length. This is an easy disc to drop into. The guitars are earthy and grounded against the dreamier wisps of the disc’s ambient elements, and everything is carefully balanced. A close listen turns up a lot of detail and texture, along with slight touches of field recordings that can come as a pleasant surprise once you’ve wandered deeply into the music. A great release from Silencio that’s been getting a lot of play here at Hypnagogue.

Available from Sound in Silence.


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