3AM Tone: Untitled

3am_duotoneIf I’m understanding this correctly–and I’ve done what is, for me, an inordinate amount of Googling and surfing to come to this conclusion–the disc I received from 3AM Tone is not actually for sale, but it is a collection of tracks available for download. I think. Two of them appear to be on sale at CDBaby; others are at Soundcloud but don’t appear to have a download link. (This is what happens when you don’t send me any information, friends. I have to guess. And I’m lazy.) All that being said, if you like very quiet, quite soft ambient drifts, 3AM Tone is pretty much worth the hunt. This artist favors misty, warm pads that follow a classic rise-and-fall cadence. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s well-made ambient. The first track, “Some Are Asleep (Summer Asleep Mix),” owes more than a little to Mr. Eno, with its slow-paced piano threaded out across a hushed synth backdrop. I like the breathing cadence of “Purple Gloe,” which brings to mind some of Roach’s Structures from Silence music. “Phaze” is a workable drone piece that whispers its way through three minutes; there’s motion here, but it’s subtle and nicely so. 3AM Tone hits a nice ambient stride with the longest offering here at six minutes, “Velvet and Starshine.” It’s another whisper-tone ride of intersecting pads and subtle dynamics. All in all, a promising collection of pieces. Now if only it was easier to get them all at once…

Check it out at 3AM Tone’s Soundcloud page.

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