CH District, Conclusion

Strap on your glitch hat, we’re going for another jittery, funk-laden ride courtesy of  Tympanik Audio and Poland’s CH District. Kicking off with dissonant bells chiming over twitchy electronic and thudding bass, Conclusion leads the listener along pretty familiar IDM paths. The beats are strong and club-worthy and the glitchwork is solid. While there’s not a lot here that rises above what you’d expect, a couple of tracks do stand out. “Burnout” gives off a very distinct Ultravox vibe; the halting rhythm and comparatively light glitch content catches my ear and makes  me listen. It leads into the title track, which is pure dance-club gold. A pounding bass line tears its way through the room as layers of infectious sound grow and blend. CH District will manipulate your body movements with this one, especially when he drops in a great vocal sample (which I meant to ask about) that adds what to my ears is a little Middle Eastern flair. The closer, “Go Out,” pairs a bass line reminiscent of a New Order tune with ice-cool electronics, more melody than sound-spatter, for a nice result. All in all, Conclusion is a decent disc for glitch fans or those who need their daily dose of beats. And at just 42 minutes, it’s a quick fix with little wasted space.

Available from Tympanik Audio.

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