Dan Pound, Aurora

It’s not easy trying to keep up with Dan Pound’s prolific release schedule–I reviewed Interlace not too long ago and his first release of 2011, Medusazoa, is waiting in line–but it’s certainly an aurally rewarding task. Aurora is, as the title would lead you to suspect, a suite of shimmering drifts full of star-glisten and spacewind. The flows here are filled with sounds that arc toward the skies and ease their way back down. Pound has a fascinating sense of depth and layering that creates complex interplay between his rise-and-fall creations. And with every track there’s a little something more added to the mix. The title track has a short stretch of drumming toward the end, playing to Pound’s shamanic-music side; “True North” goes heavy on the drama–thick chords and hesitant, hanging pauses bringing a sense of expectation; “Wind Calling” features some slow and soulful guitar playing off the underlying bass drifts; “Under Stars” grows upward from sparseness, beginning with twittering night-sounds to encompass a glittering canopy. As with all of Pound’s work, the imagery and emotion in Aurora is strong and certain. The subtle shifts pique the listener’s interest throughout–although you’ll likely be content to just drift through it. More superb stuff from Pound.

Available from Dan Pound’s web site.

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