Clookai, Spirits of the Faerie

I may, in this review, use the phrase for me more often than usual. Because although I can certainly see how Clookai’s Spirits of the Faerie will likely have strong appeal among the spa/bookstore circle, for me as a listener it’s a trifle light. That being said, it’s also predictably pleasant, with Clookai’s excellent flute work sailing over keyboards, guitar and more from Chris Conway, who’s got his own impressive catalog of New Age work, both as musician and producer. (A role he takes on this disc as well.) A strong Celtic vibe runs through the disc as Clookai spins a spell to open a path to the Faerie realm. (That sounds even more precious coming from me.) Admittedly, the disc is very lyrical and even downright toe-tappy in spots. For me it’s more sugar than substance, and I kept finding myself wishing there was less of the windchimes and wordless, chant-ish vocals and more focus on Clookai’s flute. That’s where the grace and the heart stem from, but it has to wrangle its way out of the thematic trappings and its almost secondary role. A disc of Clookai’s solo New Age flute meanderings? Count me in when you get to that. For now, I leave Spirits of the Faerie to the New Age bookstore racks, where I am sure it will do well. As always, although the appeal for me is minimal and passing, folks more inclined to this type of airy, “magickal” work should follow the link below and have a listen to the samples.

Available from Paradise Music.

2 thoughts on “Clookai, Spirits of the Faerie

  1. I must concur with the review, as I share the same observations. I must point out, however, that the cover art is extraordinarily beautiful. Magickal, indeed. I’d love to know the artist’s name.


    • Hollan: I agree about the art. But I’ve looked at the case, the insert, the disc, the back and the Paradise Music web site and I can’t find an art credit anywhere. Perhaps someone there will chime in.

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