moduS ponY, Dandelion Isle

modus_dandelionI am a big enough man to admit that I initially dismissed moduS ponY’s Dandelion Isle as a silly little throwaway thing, a very small dish of admittedly zesty musical sorbet that I would just taste a little of before moving on. I mean, you listen to “shoes, shirts, service,” which is just a boppy little limerick of a thing at best, and you think, “How cute.” But then you’re digging on it and you’re listening to it again, and ta freakin da, Matt Ackerman has you where he wants you. There are a couple throwaways on this 16-minute EP, but the other stuff? Infectious. The over-simple repetition of “transactioN blisteR” should be dull as fuck, but the house beat laid down behind it lends funk, and the silly-ass thing just leaves me smiling. “nut like flavoR” combines cheesy keys, tippy-tap percussion, and an IDM-worthy vocal sample, and then drops a sweet jazzy break into the middle of it. Ackerman does a smooth job of matching the title phrase to his rhythm. Again, fun. It’s just fun, and you should take the time to go get a spoonful. Easy to dismiss at first, it’s not long before you understand that moduS ponY might be winking at you because you both realize there’s something smart happening here.

Available at Bandcamp.

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