Scyye, From

scyye_fromScyye’s 18-minute EP From may be short, but it uses its time wisely, jammed full of catchy hooks and intriguing plunderphonic-style sound sources. This is one of those releases where a bag of cast-off sounds are transmuted into undeniable rhythms and an overall coolness. “CCTV” is a super-trippy groove built on a disorienting array of scattered electronic sound and what to my ears sounds like a surgically altered string lift from “I Am the Walrus.” (Not saying that’s the case, but have a listen for yourself.) “We Remain” is an augmented solo piano piece, where the reverberating tones, or a perfect mimicry thereof, blend into a drone-like quality in the background. This one drips with melancholy. “Nine” opens with scratchy effects and a muted voice sharing space with a slow melody. It’s just 90 seconds long, but it leaves its own emotional resonance.

From doesn’t take up much time, and is hopefully just a holdover as we wait for a longer offering. Between this release and last year’s Timegazing, Scyye is becoming an artist I look forward to hearing from. Go listen.

Available from Sparkwood Records.

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