Scyye: Timegazing

scyye_timegReach for the volume knob. On his debut, Timegazing, Scyye is dishing out tasty, feel-good glitch that wastes no time in getting you moving. What works best on this release is the mix of styles. They don’t stray too far from your standard glitch base, but Scyye definitely stretches. On the one hand, you’ll get the chipset-and-distortion groove of “Overrun.” On another, the slow and thoughtful mix of washes and bass-synth rhythms in “Please Remember.” A cool shuffling beat anchors this piece and ups its lounge cred. “Aqersus” is an instantly catchy riff on sequencer, its nice old-school feel brought up to date with glitch percussion. Add a couple of nice drops and away we go. On “Green Garden Gate,” Scyye offers us his more ambient side, setting warm pads free to drift where they will. Light atmospherics in the background are an excellent touch. It’s a great way to break up the album’s flow, and also leaves me wanting to hear more of what he can do in this vein.

Timegazing has gotten more than its share of repeat plays over here. The mix of styles, the infectious energy, and the playfulness throughout have made it a pleasure to come back to again and again. An excellent first outing. I am ready for more Scyye.

Available from Sparkwood Records.

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