Thought Guild, Third Voyage

The  beauty of the final release from Thought Guild–Gregory Kyryluk, who also records as Alpha Wave Movement, and Christopher Cameron–is underscored by the sad reality that Cameron’s untimely death in 2011 is what closed the door on this superb electronic duo. But if a partnership must end, then let it end, for whatever reason, on a high note. Third Voyage is a very high note, indeed, a suite of vintage-inspired electronic music that alternately cruises quietly across the distances between stars and powers its way through scintillating sonic landscapes. Comparisons to the Usual Suspects will be made, and justifiably so. The influences are out in the open.  “Last Train to Lyon” books first-class passage on the Jarre Line; “Retropolis 2011” is packed with bursts of Tangerine flavor. But they’re done so well that these remembrances in sound just amplify the pleasure of listening to them. “Retropolis,” in fact, is one of my favorite tracks here, a charging, high-amplitude thrill ride straight out of Berlin. This is one of those tracks that you replay the moment it’s over just to enjoy going through it again. The last two tracks, “Titanium Ashram” and “Celestial Glossalalia,” blend for a soothing 13-minute drift. “Titanium Ashram” gurgles along on a frothy, liquid beat, long-wave pads opening and closing slowly over it. The watery touch of the rhythm is mind-soothing and, at the same time, a little playful. This piece never raises its voice much above a whisper, but you’ll hear what it’s saying. “Celestial Glossalalia” is a beautiful and touching piece of soft spacemusic. Drifting easily along on crossing pads and big, rich chords, this track simply takes you over as it paints vivid and vast images. There’s a touch melancholy in listening to the last note fade, knowing it is, in fact, the last note. A superb finish for Thought Guild, and a wonderful addition to any electronic music lover’s library.

Find it at Harmonic Resonance Recordings.

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