Seconds Before Awakening, Seven

Spacey ambient drones and depth of sound make Seconds Before Awakening’s Seven a piece of headphone-required listening. It’s the latest entry in an ongoing project designed to create off-to-sleep ambient based on a formula that Seconds Before Awakening has developed. I stole this explanation from him off his page: “…each track…was created using a mathematical formula depending on the length of the track and how many notes were played divided by the key the song (each key I gave a certain number).” His personal research into sleep cycles also informs the music. Overall, the tone is warm and the feel is liquid. These unobtrusive waves of tone just wash forward, pick up tiny hints of shadow in spots, and circle quietly back around to begin again. Nothing groundbreaking here, just solid ambient. But hearing it and knowing that there are six previous experiments to dive into, I know I’ll be listening to more Seconds Before Awakening soon.

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