Dissolved, Snowy Psychoplasmics

I can tell you, with some degree of certainty, that I have just listened to Dissolved’s Snowy Psychoplasmics. What I cannot tell you, with any degree of certainty, is what I just listened to. This wild ride of random sound, glitch beats, audio samples and more can be a bit like watching TV while holding down the “change channel” button on the remote. Spoken word, PA announcements, folks songs sung straight up, children singing
“Yellow Submarine”…all this coexisting with the aforementioned, well-crafted glitch-work. Dissolved will lay down a catchy piece of IDM like the wonderfully titled “Autotune Should Be Moored In A Lake of Leeches,” drag you through a noise-mixed and industrial-edged piece like “Auxiliary Hum of the Season Lights” or ease together the dialed-down hush of “The Candle and the Snake” and convince you that it all belongs here in a mash of ideas that sometimes seems to border on nonsensical. It took me a couple of listens to lose my “Whaaat?” reaction to Snowy Psychoplasmics. Dig through the weirdness and you, too, might find more than enough to groove on.

Available from Daddy Tank.

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