Michele De Wilton, Daydream: Solo Piano to Relax Your Soul

Well, you’re not likely to find a more accurately descriptive title than this anytime soon. Pianist Michele De Wilton offers eleven beautiful, classically influenced pieces on her new CD, Daydream, each played with passion, romance and fire. De Wilton is firmly in control of her dynamics here, able to confidently and competently take the listener from the bold, dramatic and flashy “Heaven’s Bridge” into the near-pastoral sigh and lyrical storytelling of “In the Garden of the Selfish Giant.” All in all, the disc moves very nicely from feeling to feeling without coming across as forced or jumpy. The centerpiece for me is “Winterbluegreen,” a quiet heartbreaker of a piece that softly and sadly confides itself in you in a near-whisper, De Wilton’s carefully picked high notes falling just short of crying. This one will find its way into your soul.

New Age/acoustic music fans are certain to fall in love with this disc, and it will likely find a home alongside other solo-piano favorites in the genre. Daydream has become a quiet-evening choice for me on many occasions, though I must say I find De Wilton’s quieter side, like the gentle “The Giver of Stars” and “Memory of the Sun” more appealing than some of the big pieces here. They feel more honest in their simple expression, not relying on as much bravado to make themselves known. Hear it for yourself–light a candle, pour a glass of something delightful and have a listen to Michele De Wilton’s Daydream. You’ll be back for more.

Available at Michele De Wilton’s web site.

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