Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds, Exit Strategy

DiN labelmaster and synth guru Ian Boddy brings his sonic sculpting tools to bear on a series of ambient and analog-based constructs from Parallel Worlds on the new release Exit Strategy. The outcome is a set of pulsing, tightly crafted pieces that drift in and out of shadow without dwelling too long within them. It’s a well-balanced meeting of the musical minds; the dark, while present in every track, isn’t too heavy and the sequencer rhythms aren’t too retro. The beatless explorations catch my attention more here;  slow-moving and heavily detailed tracks like “Entwined” and “Hidden,” where Boddy and Bakis Sirros patiently stratify their layers and pack in grim atmospheres, arrive carrying a lot of sonic impact. (“Entwined” in particular brings a potent sense of narrative and tension that borders perfectly on unsettling without quite crossing over.) “Soliloquy” provides Sirros with the space to groove a little. It’s (comparatively speaking) the most uptempo track here, a moody dance where Boddy’s glissando keys sing in a wavering voice over Sirros’ bubbling, glitchy rhythms.

An excellent electronic outing from this duo, and another strong release from DiN.

Available at DiN.

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