Welcome to the new Hypnagogue

Hello! I’m glad you found your way here from the old netfirms site. I’m excited about this change of format, and I hope you are, too.

I started Hypnagogue in late 2003. A good friend, John Harvey, designed the old site for me in Dreamweaver and I’ve been writing into that template ever since. But the web moves fast, and the changes and improvements over the last seven years have been remarkable. And there I was, slogging along in a very Web 1.0, labor-intensive environment, sighing heavily every time I had to move all the reviews from page A to page B, archive the stuff on page C, etc. etc. etc. Plus, I felt bad for the musicians who had posted a link to their review, only to have it disappear from view after 30 days.

The answer to all these woes, potentially? Moving to a web 2.0-style, automatically archiving, update-as-ya-please blog. I think this will help to reduce my backlog and keep new reviews flowing. I’ll also be looking into posting clips to better represent the music and bring a richer experience to you, the reader looking to discover new music.

So I’ve jumped into the 21st century at last. Glad you’re along for the ride.

peace & power,


aka The ‘Gogue

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