Juta Takahashi, Hymn

Juta Takahashi, Hymn

Juta Takahashi’s seventh release, Hymn, is a quiet offering of three long-form drifts in a classic ambient/spacemusic style.These tracks are built on familiar, sighing synth pads that rise, twist around each other intimately for a few moments, then part ways to grab hold of a new sigh lifting itself into view. In this manner the listener is taken aside, mentally massaged to calmness and left to float. While the layers here never seem to run particularly deep, they are always handled with grace and a good sense of timing. Nothing feels like it lags too long, nor do Takahashi’s expressions leave too quickly. There is an enjoyable balance at work. Hymn is, I feel, a better low-volume CD than something that you need to get deeply into. The strength here is the quietness, not the complexity. Treated as a classically defined ambient album and left to sonically augment a space rather than impose itself on it, Hymn simply glimmers .Add this one to your favorite spacemusic playlist and enjoy the ride.

Available at CD Baby


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