Wacky Southern Current, 6

wacky_6The last time I reviewed Wacky Southen Current, I noted that something about Marco Cervellin’s music made me feel like I wanted more out of it. That was then, and is now, and I have to say that it does not leave me with that wanting feeling. A cool half-hour of post-rock tunes, 6 is catchy, bright, and full. I can’t believe I’ll be the only one to hear a Lennon/McCartney vibe coming out of the ridiculously hook-laden lines and changing faces of “We Had Many Fights Along the Way.” It’s just fun and joyful, especially when Cervellin cuts loose on guitar late in the track. There’s also some sweet slide going on throughout the track that makes me happy. The pure optimism of “Girl With a Future” and its toe-tapping rhythm grabs the listener right away. There’s a hint of 70s West Coast rock in its structure. Another late-arriving guitar solo lays out spicy licks and runs over heady drums as the rhythm section keeps things tight. “Not Afraid (of Spiders)” starts off sounding like a chamber music piece transported into a post-rock setting. Its very formal piano line opens things a bit stiffly, but Cervellin then slips in strings, drums, and more to loosen it up. When the break comes, the song openly evolves into something smoother. I like almost everything on 6,  but could do without the high dramatics of “End of the Hansa.” The repetition of its three-note setup line feels like Cervellin’s not sure he should let it leave the starting blocks. Big drum fills that do nothing but play up the drama don’t help. It’s just a too-heavy thing in the middle of pieces with easier, more enjoyable flows.

So this must be the “more” I was looking for when I last listened to Wacky Southern Current. Nothing’s lacking here, from style to hook to let’s listen to that again. Cervellin plays most everything on the album and nothing sounds forced or phony. (Okay, sometimes the drums feel a trifle too programmed.) It’s just a batch of quick tunes with a full-on ensemble sound, and it’s a blast. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

Available from Bandcamp.

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