Neon Shudder, (viii) Neuromantic: The Communion of Nature and Technology

neon_neuroI’ll keep this brief since we’re talking about four tracks and  fifteen minutes of angry chipset and nostalgia heavy on appreciative irony. Neuromantic from Neon Shudder delights in its throwback sound, and for a short offering it can be somewhat fun. Neon Shudder apparently stuffed Trent Reznor into an old Nintendo to get the dark groove of “Cargo Cult,”  the album’s opener. The familiar tinny snap of electronic drums drive it forward “Kill or Be Killed” sounds like the theme music for an 80s console game I wish I’d played. Crunchy distortion and a meaty bass line give it a grinding quality. “Not To Be Fucked With” escapes from some forgotten New Wave clubs courtesy of vocals from Randi Hubler of the duo Reapers. It’s a gritty electro-pop tune with a darkness reminiscent of Depeche Mode after they realized they weren’t happy. Electronic drums from Onslaught Six (the other half of Reapers) lends extra power to its punch. “The Tragedy of Being” is upbeat, with the warble of 8-bit processor music to its melody.

Stuff this one into your daily shuffle for a quick shot of cool. I like Neon Shudder’s commitment to the style–his love of it shines through every note. It may come off a little cheesy for some, but embracing that is what lurks at the core of this artist’s work.

Available at Bandcamp.

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