Fross, La Floresta

fross_florFross (Oscar Hidalgo) lays down a half-hour of whispering drone on his EP La Floresta. While there’s not a lot of variation between tracks, the atmospheres manage to be quieting but with just the smallest edge of grim weight–particularly at the outset of “El Sendero Gris” (The Gray Path). Distinct guitar tones run briefly beneath the thick drones before giving way to more of Fross’ dark, smooth soundscapes. His brother, José David Hidalgo Solís, lends a hand on the album, bringing in bass guitar.

While I like what I hear on La Floresta, there’s not much to be said about it. It’s mostly drone, definitely ambient, a touch dark, and if it wasn’t for pauses between songs it could just be a single 30-minute piece. It’s worth a listen if only for its oddly calming effect, but for me it lacks enough differentiation.

Available at Bandcamp.

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