Eliethel, November Landscapes

elieth_novIn a brief, 20 minute outing, Eliethel (aka Evangelina Alexaki) lays down fog-washed, waking-dream scenarios just a touch left of center. Eerie in places, and slightly challenging throughout, the five tracks on November Landscapes offer a lot to listen to. With her tenet of “weaving dreams into sounds,” Alexaki plays with the melding of disparate elements,  the way odd intrusions find their way into the otherwise coherent narratives of your subconscious night-wanderings. The title track cuts snippets of a deeply drawn breath over music-box-like keys. The dense fog of “Penelope” is almost disconcerting, the kind of dream where you can’t figure out where you are, but you’re pretty sure it’s not good. An eerie melody and a forest of small sounds round out the nicely disjointed scene. “Flamenco Boy” courses along on a vocal like Sufi chanting, then morphs into a blend of that and flamenco guitar. It’s exotic and  potent, and again filled with small atmospheric sounds. “The White Wall of Valletta” pairs more of the music-box melody with trap/glitch percussion and switches tempo in spots to throw you delightfully off. It’s an energetic way to bring you out of the deeper dream of November Landscapes. A succinct offering that should leave you looking for more.

Available from Eliethel’s web site.

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