Blochemy, Da Mear

bloch_damearIf you’ve been feeling the need for some smooth glitch, come give a listen to Da Mear from Czech artist Blochemy. Heavy on percussion, the tracks here skew toward the downtempo side of things, with a lounge-honed attitude. Chime tones and vibrato-packed electric piano make plenty of appearances. It’s a workable blend, fairly standard in the way it’s presented and without too much variation, track to track. This is why I prefer Da Mear tucked into a shuffle. Everything here is pretty good, it just feels repetitious as a full-on listen. I like the softness of “Mife,” where the glitch gets dialed back, and the lazy yawns of the drum-driven “Voem”—that’s a nice spot where ambient and glitch live together comfortably.

Da Mear would benefit from being a bit more diverse, but as far as glitch-based work goes, it’s well-made. Blochemy deftly balances the quirks of glitch patterns with laid-back melodies, and the flavors come together pretty nicely. Worth a listen if this kind of electronica is your thing.

Available from Bandcamp.

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