Kave, Ominousium

kave_ominousI don’t mind dark ambient. I don’t mind minimalism. I don’t mind drone. But in all of these things, I expect something to happen. I expect, at the least, to experience some form of response. Preferably not a yawn. And yet, this is the reaction Kave (aka Bram Gollin) elicits with Ominousium, which is dark and minimal and droning and not much else. Gollin notes on his Bandcamp page that he’s looking to “induce a meditative experience where inner landscapes are forged and the listener is left to wander through his own interpretations of these cinematic soundscapes.” Sorry, but if this is cinematic, it’s a long, unmoving shot of a bleak landscape where nothing happens. My interpretation of it is to say no thank you and move on. I’ll give him the meditative part; my mind definitely wandered. Away.

Available from Bandcamp.

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