Nashaat Salman, Universal Melodies Vol. 1

salman_universalOkay, so this is about the happiest friggin’ album I’ve listened to in a while, and I absolutely should not enjoy it as much as I do. Two things: It’s all of 15 minutes long and it is packed to the gills with glorious musical cheese. But from the first mariachi-type trumpets of “Summer Night Joy,” I’m laughing and whooping along with it. Oh, the strings, the strings that escaped from your grandmother’s whoopie-making albums from back in the day, they’re just magical in how obvious they are. “Dancing Star” has a sort of Bollywood dance number wannabe feel. It aspires to be one, but it’s a bit too thin. It whump-thumps its way through five minutes and is actually the weakest of the three. “Chasing” wants to find its home in a club, with its little arpeggio runs on synth and lots of echo. Bang a house beat in there and it’s just wheeee. This album is so not in line with my tastes, but every time “Summer Night Joy” has come on while I’m driving, I turn it up and just dig on it. I don’t know if I could take more than the 15 minutes that’s here, but whenever Volume 2 comes out, I have a feeling I’ll take a curiosity peek. It’s not amazing work, but it’s fun work.

Available from Bandcamp.

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