Kammarheit, The Nest

kamm_nestSlow moving and moody, The Nest is a dark(ish) ambient excursion that for the most part had me wondering when something was going to happen. To me it’s all quiet chords and blowing winds, the usual stuff, fine for what it is bit never really standing out. It’s said that Kammarheit created these pieces as a cure for insomnia. Without resorting to an obvious jibe, it’s to his credit that as a quiet listen, it works fairly well–but part of that is that it doesn’t seem to do much, or want to. As it never truly darkens up or gains much weight, these whispery tones just kind of float past you, here and gone. Sometimes they might rear up a little with a rising tone, but nothing much comes of it. It goes back to being your soundtrack for a grim-but-not-too-grim mood. I am not a big fan of dark ambient, but the stuff that sticks with me is the stuff with outright power. This comes across as ambient minor in mostly minor chords, and it’s just not for me. If your tastes run to lightweight not-so-dark ambient, give it a go.

Available from Cyclic Law.

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