Intersonic Subformation, Into the Void

interson_voidAfter a debut album that touched on a little bit of everything, Intersonic Subformation (aka Richard Lisaj) returns with Into the Void. It’s a quick helping of music with its eye squarely on space as a theme, held in place by a shifting tone that helps keep it out of too-well-trodden territory. “Navel of the Universe” kicks it off with a beautiful mix of synth pads and piano. It’s delicate and calming. This combo plays out again on “Unfolding,” but pulsing minor chords and the piano insistently repeating a phrase give it an ominous air. On “Galaxies In Motion,” carefully bouncing sequencer lines in low and high registers weave a rhythm against starlight pads and low string tones. It’s got a classic feel.  Lisaj slips a touch of world music into “Constalation [sic] of the Spear Warrior.” Kalimba-like tones and hollow percussion push it forward as it moves from a dark intensity into a calmer deep-space feel. This represents the most drastic shift of tone on the album, but not in a disruptive way. A few strong moments make for a welcome wake-up call. A two-chord phrase on keys with a glistening layer of vibrato put a metronomic vibe into “Microbes in Microsphere.” This is one you’ll want to get up close for. While the keys are up front in focus, there’s a rich backdrop of morphing sound playing out underneath it. As the piece slips along, you may be hard pressed to focus past the hypnotic simplicity of those two chords, but you’ll also be drawn right in. An excellent piece that makes great use of its minimal nature.

Into the Void slips past in just over 30 minutes. All the pieces are short, with the longest topping out under five and a half minutes. They are brief but very well realized. Each steps up, tells its story, and politely makes way for the next. There are no bumps or interruptions. It’s a pleasant ride that shows another side of the Intersonic Subformation story.

Available from Bandcamp.

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