Banku, Quicksilver

banku_quickHere’s 17 minutes of thumpy house with a bit of a washed-out ambience. This stuff isn’t my usual listening cup of tea, but on this brief outing Banku (aka Claudio Crispo) manages to lay in enough additional texture and treatment to keep my attention. The longest track, “Mothball,” gives you the most to take in. It’s Crispo’s collaboration with a band called Tallows. It catches me with its density and intensity. Mutilated vocal drops add a nice touch. I also like the robotic angles and power of “She’s Back.” It’s potent minimalist techno, making the most of a dirtied-up sound. Once I’ve made it through the 17 minutes, it’s not like I’m inspired to go back in, but this is one of those quick hits I’ll keep slotted into my library shuffle. It’s got charm, it’s well made, and it does what it needs to do, which is to get you grooving a little bit. Like house? Have a listen.

Available from IhouseU.

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