Klaus Lofgren, Ambient Space – Star Diffusion

lofgren_ambientI feel that I can condense my review of Ambient Space – Star Diffusion down to a somewhat indifferent shrug. Klaus Lofgren pages through the spacemusic handbook as he constructs sounds and scenes on his synthesizers, but through the course of 20 tracks never seems interested in applying any power or emotion to the work. Many of the tracks feel very thin, holding a chord, letting it fade, holding the next chord, occasionally lacing in some analog twiddle for texture. There’s nothing particularly objectionable about it, it’s just that it never gives me a solid reason to listen. Where most spacemusic strives to take us directly into the heart of a star or the deep reaches of cold space and make us feel it, Lofgren shows us a photo and considers it enough.

It’s not enough for me.

Available from Paraflux.

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