Max Corbacho, Splendid Labyrinths

max_labyrSplendid Labyrinths is just over an hour of amorphous, meditation-ready ambient drifts. Max Corbacho has created an album that feels like a tonal successor to his beautiful release, Ars Lucis. This album has the same sacred-music undertones and graceful, rising pads, all leveled off by a rich low end. There are six tracks here, but a seamless flow between them creates a singular unbroken journey. The twinkling space-music heights of “Towards the Center” melt slowly into the languid density of “Earth Womb,” which in turn disintegrates into “Wave of Reflection,” and so on. Although this is not real stand-out work from Corbacho, whose stuff typically blows me away, it is, as always, beautifully done. As a low-level listen it enters your space like a gentle prayer and conveys its considerable emotional content. Break out the headphones to take in his patient weaving and layering of pads and the dynamic play between highs and lows. It is familiar-sounding material, but there’s no denying its efficacy as a relaxation piece. Bring your breathing in line with Corbacho’s constructs, and turn this one on when it’s time to simply drift.

Available from Max Corbacho’s Bandcamp page.

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