Sergey Kostyrko & Rutger Zuydervelt, Beginner’s Luck

kost_beginMy policy at Hypnagogue has always been to review everything that is sent to me. Albums like Beginner’s Luck from Sergey Kostyrko and Rutger Zuydervelt make me want to reconsider that policy. It’s a two-track release, originally on cassette, and what you get here is 22 minutes of small electronic sounds pulled out of modular synths, effects pedals, radio and “other electronics.” If you like experimental, minimalist noise work, this will land in your wheelhouse. It buzzes, it throbs, it hits you with punches of interference…and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. The first few minutes of the second track made me pay some attention, but the rest of this live improv puts me firmly in the middle of feeling like I don’t get it. I’ll take a pass on this one.

Available from Spina!rec on Bandcamp.

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