HODSON, Colours That Glow in the Dark

hodson_colourLet’s see…dub, glitch, chipset, spoken word and vocal drops, all of it kicked off from a sample from the movie Donnie Darko. (That took a bit of research to suss out.) That’s what you get jammed into 23 admittedly pretty intriguing minutes on Colours That Glow in the Dark from (James) Hodson. This is a pretty palatable little sound-snack. “Out to Pasture” is draped in thick bass and tons of dubby reverb, with an “Irie!” drop thrown in over and over for good measure. Might surprise you, then when he switches it up with the jangly indie-rock guitars and straightforward small-combo feel of “Pink & Blue.” If it wasn’t for a growling vocal drop and some effects late in the game, that is. “Somewhere Down in the West” is a tasty mash of chipset and dub driven by a high-speed rhythm. The sound here is dirty and harsh and aggressive, perfect for the style. Hodson throttles it up and down nicely—not really throwing drops in, but just altering its velocity. The final track, “WORDS,” shows us where the song titles have come from, or perhaps vice-versa. Nice bit of poetry, that. Good wordplay and smooth street rhythms. Colours That Glow in the Dark is a quick hit with a lot to offer. Worth getting ahold of.

Available from The Waveform Generator.

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