Melorman, Out in a Field

melo_fieldSomeone fetch me a cocktail. Something frosty to sip while I chill out to Out in a Field from Melorman. Antonis Haniotakis is back with 40 minutes of melodic electronica, nicely fleshed out with bits of glitch. “Apricot Fields” sets the tone with a laid-back feel and cool reverse-echo notes that rise and snap off. High, chime-like notes give it a delicate luster, and big doses of reverb thicken up the sound nicely. From there, while there are no big deviations from the form, Out in a Field retains its low-energy vibe and works its way into your system. This is a sway-with-it, bob-your-head piece of work. (When you get to “Watercircle,” you’ll fully understand, bass thumps and all.) “Toy” comes at you with a kind of stripped-back feel to it, a light collection of minimal sound-sets that patiently repeat, more partly dovetailed than layered, with a great touch of texture. I like the way this one stays quiet. Haniotakis gives a nice nod to his homeland of Greece with a shot of Mediterranean flair in the breaks on “Tell Me More Stories.” (Is that a bouzouki I hear? Or something akin to it…) The beat here is absolutely thick with hooks, and you’ve got to check out the detail sounds lurking in the back. Nice touch.

Out in a Field is a quick hit that works best for me when it’s laced into a mix of other similar stuff. There’s not a lot to differentiate it in the glitch/melodic electronica realm, but for what it is, it’s very well done and a pleasure to dig into.

Available from Sun Sea Sky.

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