Algol, Goldilocks Zone

algol_goldi“On this album, we dream about extraterrestrial oceans,” says Algol, aka Daniil Kazantsev, and dream we do as we venture into his guitar-based ambient release, Goldilocks Zone. This is a weightless, glittering drift through spacemusic territory, coasting through Kazantsev’s slow-moving vistas. I find that I like this release more as a background listen than I do up close. Kazantsev’s layering is lighter than I usually prefer in works like this, but the feeling he conveys on each track is splendid, and the journey is deep and unbroken. For many of my listens, I have simply set it going quietly, whether in ‘phones or through speakers, and allowed it to just fill the space. Overall, the tone is warm as the artists explores his interpretation of that perfect spot in a star system, the Goldilocks Zone, where life (as we know it) might flourish. Expectedly, the imagery that comes through is lush and full of promise, consistently light and calm. And it’s all drift and drone, save for “Gilese 581e” where he gives us a more solid version of his guitar work, picking up the standard trope of a phrase repeating quietly over clouds of sound. Perhaps needless to say, Goldilocks Zone loops seamlessly. I could see this being used as a backdrop for meditation or for playing while sleeping. Personally, I’ve let it take me through an entire workday, and gladly so. No bumps, no rough edges, just an hour spent dreaming of the quiet lap of waves on those so-distant oceans.

It’s also worth noting that this release is the first to arrive on the freshly revived EarthMantra label. This off-shoot of Relaxed Machinery, under the guidance of Geoff Small, is off to a very good relaunch and its first releases are firmly in keeping with the quality lineup of Darrel Burgan’s original label.

Available at Earth Mantra.

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