Madly In Dub

For a quick groove injection, grab hold of Madly In Dub’s half-hour-long self-titled release. Todd and Michelle Pruitt ground their sounds in meaty bass licks and the rap of the tabla, with trippy keyboard riffs and the requisite dose of echo working through the mix. I find that I prefer this in a shuffle rather than a straight-through listen. It’s all smooth and infectious, but I feel like the Pruitts could step it up a little. The base equation doesn’t change much. Each track has its own shot of personality, but it can feel lightly laid over the whole bass-and-tabla thing. I dig the slick groove of “Snake Charmer,” with jazzy flute processed into a riffled sound, some nice sample drops and what I assume is Michelle’s voice dialed into the background. They hit their stride toward the end, with the dual shot of “Tharsis” and “Thea.” The first drives forward hard with a club-music pulse. The bass is nice and dense here, the way I like it. The second grabs some IDM pedigree with a long spoken sample at the end. On the way there, we get delicious doses of dub’s good friend the melodica. Light keys sprinkle down over the mix, and a solid chill sensibility laces through the whole thing. This album overall maybe play it a little safe for dub, but that hasn’t stopped me from reaching for the volume knob when I’ve got in playing in a shuffle. Absolutely worth checking out, and I look forward to hearing more from Madly In Dub.

Find it at Soundcloud.

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