Michel Bababila: More Research from the Same Department

banab_moreMy main issue with this release is that I’m not sure what I’m meant to come away with after listening. There’s a lot of sound manipulation from a wide scope of sources, but much of it feels like either the sounds are being randomly selected or someone happened to press the wrong button just then. Mechanical drones buzz and hum beneath most of the work here and at times it can achieve kind of a soporific effect, but it also feels very static to me. I lose interest in it quickly. With nothing catching my attention, where’s my need to listen? “Tesla’s Lab” ups the ante a little by lacing in some piano phrases, but it doesn’t go far. Listeners who are into very experimental work or who are more into how the sounds are created than how they come together may want to try this one out. For me, no further research is required.

Available at Bandcamp.

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