Everyday Dust: Somnium

everyday_somniA quick 20-minute shot of textured drones that eventually blossom out into beats. Three of the four tracks here take up the first 11 minutes. There’s a lot to listen to, plenty of small sounds piled onto each other in shifting landscapes. “Bound in a Nutshell” makes a  good transition between light and shadow, actually feeling a bit uplifting in spots. Overall, though, these short tracks feel like they’re clearing a space for the nine-minute “Mantra,” which ups the ante and the interest. With a light tapping beat that picks up from the start, this piece swirls itself into a hypnotic spiral of reverberating notes accented by the deep layers around it. Rumbling bass notes at the very end are a nice visceral touch.

Somnium is brief but engaging, and leaves me wanting to explore more of the artist’s music.

Available from Sparkwood Records.

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