Mark Harris: The Angry Child

harris_angryAs other excellent reviewers before me have done in regards to this album, I could tell you about musician Mark Harris’ approach to creating the six tracks here, the process, the things it’s meant to evoke. Instead, I think I’ll say: listen to this. Sure, it’s nice to delve into the whys and wherefores of good music and sure, knowing a composer’s mindset can theoretically bring a deeper understanding of the work, but….listen to this. Make time, sit down, put on phones, shut up, and listen. This is dream-deep ambient, a perfect commingling of light with just the slightest touch of shadow that’s more a musical counterpoint than an emotive element–although still quite that. Harris’ spaces feel large but intimate. His drifting constructs slowly describe their vistas in detail, with acoustic elements dropping in softly to add an anchoring moment. (Or, in the case of the closing track, “Running Forward_to the Object of One’s Affection,” taking the lead. The slow, elegant piano here goes straight to the soul.) The artist creates his tones in improvisational sessions using generative synthesis and found sounds, then brings them together in the actual compositions. The result here is a perfect ambient release, silken yet substantial, thoughtful and emotional. Deep listens reap superb rewards, and this album should be allowed to loop for as long as you need to sit quietly and reflect.  Easily one of the best releases I’ve heard this year.

Available from n5MD.

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