Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg: Anton

tjern_antonInspired by the script for an indie science fiction film, Anton by brothers Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg is not the sort of release I’d normally sit down and listen to. This is not to say it isn’t good. The problem is that too often I feel like I need to have the visuals that go along with it to really get it. The brothers hit their thematic landmarks without question. The opener, “The Hunt,” is drum-driven and proceeds at a galloping pace, chased along on dramatic strings. Maybe, without the accompanying visual context, too dramatic for a casual listen. “Postapocalyptic Landscape” strolls along on a slightly jerky jazz feel and you can see the accompanying tracking shot from some character’s perspective. (You know, the kind that then switches to a face-on shot of the character walking, and then back.) “Hero” builds on swelling, bold strings ready to blow the wind through anyone’s hair. Anton is a little too bombastic for me, and the mix of styles, while probably nicely tied into the feel of the film, wanders a bit much. Still, it’s worth a listen. The Tjernbergs are excellent composers and musicians. This is a case of something just not being my style.

Available from Waerloga.

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