David Helpling & Jon Jenkins: Found

help_foundThrough two previous collaborative efforts, David Helpling and Jon Jenkins have developed a distinct signature sound. Robust, romantic, and cinematic, it is almost instantly recognizable and utterly captivating. This third entry and the final chapter in this sonic trilogy, Found, carries all the hallmarks of the first two and brings the series to a superb close. Found courses forward on big, potent drumbeats, soaring guitar and lush piano, with everything supported from below by soft pads, long chords, and understated electronic textures. Pieces tend to begin quietly, build to a full-on orchestral climax with an emotionally powerful density of sound, then recede, fading, to let you catch your breath. This is music to listen to closely; Helpling and Jenkins have always brought a cinematic quality to their work, so it’s vital to dig into the sound to understand how it’s structured and how it’s affecting you so deeply. While you’re busy building panoramic tracking shots in your mind, your mental camera sweeping low across the plains or winging between rugged, snow-frosted mountains (trust me, you’ll go there even with my saying so), you’re also taking in the gorgeous harmony of elements, the interplay of rhythms and textures. This truly is contemporary instrumental music at its best. Expertly crafted, deeply moving, absolutely memorable. It’s almost sad to say that Found marks the (at the moment) end of the collaboration between these two marvelous artists, but at the very least it gives us a reason to go back to Treasure and The Crossing and start all over again. Found was recently named Zone Music Reporter’s Best Electronic Album of 2013, an honor that is well deserved. Take a listen, and from the very first moments you will understand why.

Available from Spotted Peccary.

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