Fetal Pulse: Space

fetal_spaceOh, hi there, Space, you guilty pleasure, with your thumpy beats and high BPM. You don’t mind if I turn you up, do you? Good. I just want to dig into all this meaty bass and the cool retro thing you’ve got going on. (Come on, we both hear the little Dr Who theme song nod hiding in “Hyper Jump.”) You know what, Space? I’m going to take you out on the highway and drive like 90 mph with you kicking it old school, how about that? Because that’s what you make me want to do. You little acoustic dose of adrenalin, you.  And yeah, it’s okay by me if you want to chill a little bit here and there and get all spacey, like with “Deep Space,” but we know you’re at your best when the groove engines are pushed to maximum and we’re cruising at just under light speed. Yeah, like “Alien Nebula,” with its sexy curves and high-potency sequencer and that straight-out-of-the-club beat. Makes me think of turn-of-the-century goa, and that’s a mighty good thing. (What’s that? No, I don’t need a glow stick. I’m good.) Or how about that sci-fi spy movie soundtrack, “Landing Mission”? I’m all over its electro-pop feel. (Hey, is that an 808 laying down the bass?) And I have to ask, did you want to go just a little cheesy on “Interstellar Club”? Because I do like its 90s lounge vibe, even if it can border a little on self-parody. Hey, my toes are still tapping, so…points. Listen, Space, we may only have 40 minutes together at a time, but they’re a fun 40 minutes. Some folks may think you’re a little too retro for your own good, but like the man said–Mama, that’s where the fun is. You might not be something I’m going to listen to over and over, but if I put you in a shuffle, you are absolutely bringing both the fun and the funk. You tell that Fetal Pulse guy that he’s laid out tracks worth taking in. Then meet me in the car. We’ve got some speeding to do.

Available from the artist’s web site.

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