Marcus Maeder: Topographic Sinusoidale

Are you an extremely patient listener? I mean extremely. Then you may have what it takes to make your way through Marcus Maeder’s beyond-minimalist piece, Topographic Sinusoidale. Here’s a tip: the first five minutes are not as silent as they appear if you’re not wearing headphones with the volume cranked up to full. There’s sound there, it’s just so incredibly quiet it’s more or less inaudible. And that’s pretty much what you get for 45 minutes. Near-silence with occasional surges of high drones. During the time I’ve had this in my queue, if I suddenly came across a long stretch where I thought maybe my music had stopped playing, it was actually this release. I have to confess that I just don’t get it. If you are patient to an infinite degree and very open to experimental music, have a listen. But, seriously, put on the headphones first.

Available from Domizil.

One thought on “Marcus Maeder: Topographic Sinusoidale

  1. Props to you for even “listening” to this. Sounds boring, to say the least. I like minimalism, but there is minimalism and there is mostly silence. Sounds more like the latter than the former.

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