Hessien: Calcifer

hessien_calcTwenty minutes of electro-acoustic music in the vein of Brian McBride and Loscil, Hessien’s Calcifer uses its brief time to make a solid impression. Tim Martin and Charles Sage send the listener immediately into a space where misty washes and long drones spin behind slow guitar lines with “Wrong Turn At Albuquerque,” then thicken the wall of sound with “When the Planets Align.” When the mass of drone in the latter track lets up to allow the guitar to speak in a growling voice raspy with distortion, the release is a tactile thing. “From Beyond the Fourth Wall” cools things down a bit, taking a repetitious, post-rock stance that curls its way into a hypnotic pattern, aided by a white-noise backdrop. The release closes out with the ambient feel of “There Are No Coincidences.” This is a gentle, windswept piece where the guitar textures whisper very quietly beneath the wash like distant thoughts. Best thing I can tell you about this is that at just 20 minutes, Calcifer did exactly what it should: it made me want to hear more from Hessien. You may, too. So take the time, drop into these nicely layered textures and drones, and see what you think.

Available from Sound In Silence.

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