Ovro: Id|entities

ovro_idId|entities is one of those dark experimental works I have to admit I can’t get into and don’t really get. This Finnish artist started off collecting a lot of samples from various media, mostly films and television, then “recontextualized [them] to form new dialogues.” And it must be said she certainly didn’t go light on them. If you love soundbites, you’ll love this release. It’s thick with them. Too thick for me. In fact, Ovro almost lost me on the first track with endless repetitions of a single phrase from one source. The disc boils down to the repurposed audio forming a sort of disjointed narrative that gets a little bit of atmospheric treatment. It’s like listening to a slightly schizophrenic radio play. For me, it’s a bit ponderous and doesn’t do anything to hold my attention. Fans of dark ambient or plunderphonics might get more out of it.

Available from Some Place Else.

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