Jurica Jelic: Distant Memories

jurica_dmI’ll be able to keep this review of Jurica Jelic’s Distant Memories short if I just admit that I don’t get it. Playing fretless guitar and working with the Csound compiler, Jelic goes deep into experimental territory. Dissonance meets randomness meets microsound meets, I guess, a realm of musical theory that’s well beyond this listener’s scope. If you understand what Jelic means in his liner notes when he talks about discovering “the wonderful world of non-twelve tone tuning systems,” then perhaps this is for you, and you should check it out. Me, I’m left confused.

Available from Alreaon.

2 thoughts on “Jurica Jelic: Distant Memories

  1. ROFLMAO…now THIS is the kind of review I wish I the stones to write! Well done, John. I’ve wanted to write these kind of to-the-point reviews more than once and never have. With you as my guiding light, maybe my day will come yet! Bravo!!!

    • I still try to approach reviews as a listener first and foremost, so I’m not going to burn words trying to convey something I just don’t get. I know it’s outside my realm of understanding and my comfort zone, so there’s my opinion. Certainly the folks at Alreaon see something in it, as they’ve committed it to disc–and I’m sure their usual audience are more likely to “get it.” If folks look back at my reviews of the work that comes out of Alreaon, it’s always way out on the borders for me. (Yet they keep sending me stuff.) Some of it works better for me than others. This one just ain’t one of the ones that works. As always, I suggest people go have a listen and make their own judgement. This review, like all my reviews, is just One Listener’s Opinion.

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