Ruxpin: This Time We Go Together

ruxpin_thistimeRuxpin (aka Jonas Thor Gudmundsson) adds to the flow of good melodic electronica coming out of Iceland on his new release, This Time We Go Together. This is a perfect disc to unwind to. It’s got that melty candy quality to it, and the flavors smack of glitch and breakbeat in a downtempo shell. This is not a disc that plans to challenge you. It’s just going to sit down next to you and chill out with you and occasionally refresh your drink. Gudmundsson does a good job of mixing his styles. There’s a lot of glitch-style beatwork at play, but each track shows its own identity. “Here the Sun Hardly Sets” does an amazing job of creating and continuing a feeling using little more than a set of three repeating chords and a smooth backbeat. Gudmundsson fills the backdrop with dreamy washes and funky little treatments, including a processed voice. It’s superb in its relative simplicity. I like the whimsical rush and burble of “Cloud in My Space Suit.” Gudmundsson plays with a chipset sound throughout, pulling it into decaying strands late in the track. “Love Interest” is perhaps my favorite track here, a pure chill-room throwback, replete with a jazzy feel, percolating sequencer, and vocals from Olèna Simon. You may need a quick shake of the head to ensure yourself you’re not listening to a young, non-grating Bjork. Simon has the same round, girlish tone, with a little extra silk wrapped around it. A second vocalist, Chihiro Dunn, underscores the robotic angles of “With Our Hands We Form Contact.” I’ve had This Time We Go Together looping in my headphones for literally hours during my review listen. While it never manages to wow, it does manage to infuse its laid-back sense in the listener. It’s pleasant and cool and well-made, and seems content in not shaking anything up. A great disc for a shuffle, or for repeat play when you just feel like doing not much of anything.

Available from n5MD.

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